200 Club March 2013 Report

I am very pleased to inform everyone that due to new shares being purchased we now had 363 shares being entered in the  February and March draws which is most gratifying.

To date £6465.00 has been paid out in prize money and the equivalent amount been passed to the Church Restoration Fund.

I would like to thank all those who have purchased shares thereby supporting the 200 Club but as ever I always have a supply of application forms at Garden Cottage (Tel. 351537) or please ask Jean at the Village Shop.


February 2013.

1st Share No.   136        Brian Waterhouse of Kirtlington       £90.75

2nd Share No.  401        Alison Brown of Kirtlington              £54.45

3rd Share No.   317        Roy Kennedy of Kirtlington              £36.30

March 2013.

1st Share No.   399       Tracey Shaw Of Kirtlington                 £90.75

2nd Share No.  121        Jim Taylor of Kirtlington                     £54.45

3rd Share No.      2        Rachel Gillion of Goring on Thames   £36.30

Many thanks

Tony Summerfield.