Bridge Club

Bridge is a fabulous game for all ages. It is a very social game, involving 4 people and 2 pack of cards. It is designed to enable lots of interaction between the players. The aim of the game is to win as many “tricks” as possible. A “trick” is one round of 4 cards. 4 people play at one game, divided into 2 teams, known as “partners”. Each person is given 13 cards and then a bidding process allows “partners” to work together to try to understand the distribution of the cards and make a “bid” to see how many “tricks” they can win. When the highest bid is finalised, the game begins. There are points awarded to the “royal cards” and these points are used to help in the bidding process.

4 points for an Ace

3 points for a King

2 points for a queen

1 point for a jack

There are only 40 points in a game and the mathematical part of the bidding involves working out the probability of the numbers, the placing of the cards and the likelyhood of winning the “trick”. During the game the real skill is to be able to “count the cards” and understand where the winning cards are, play tactically and win!

We find a good glass of wine helps to encourage free thinking and a more exuberant approach to the game. We currently have a small number of members and tend to play on Sunday nights during the winter. We play for about 3 hours and have a lot of fun.

If you want to have a fun evening, relax with interesting people, play some cards and learn Bridge in a fun and relaxed environment, please contact Edward Macfarlane on 351785 and we can arrange a game.

Ed is very keen to find a retired person in the village who is happy to launch a bridge club during the day, so do get in touch!