Kirtlington Park festival License Application. Comments deadline 31st Dec

The Parish Council has been notified by Cherwell District Council’s Licensing Department, via our representing Councillor at CDC, of an application made by Kirtlington Park to hold a major public event on the grounds next summer. While the Parish Council had not been contacted prior to the date of application (and publishing in Bicester Advertiser), we have since reached out to the Park Management and pending an opportunity to meet, have invited them to outline their proposals at the next Parish Council Meeting on the 14th January 2020 (which is of course open to public attendance).  From the information we have received so far, this is proposed to be a major festival, primarily culturally-centred on socio-political and economic debate but with an element of live music,  of a similar scale to events held in Charlbury (Wilderness) and Great Tew (Cornbury) with the associated considerations, with the Licensing Dept. advising that the proposal is for a large festival including music and drama, and the sale of alcohol to take place over a Friday to Monday in the summer with up to 15,000 people anticipated over that 4-day period (i.e. not 15,000 each day), and intended to be repeated annually over the next 5 years. The proposed location covers a large part of the Kirtlington Park estate, and there will be provision for camping.

There are arguably many points for and against such an event to be held in Kirtlington and as the Parish Council would prefer to give proper consideration to any proposals of this scale, taking into account local views although we understand the village as a whole is largely unaware of the proposals, we feel it is important to advise parishioners of the means of – and deadline for – making comments on the application to the District Council, should anyone wish to.

It is important to note that any comment (concern or objection) raised to CDC must relate to the Licensing Objectives (such as the prevention of public nuisance such as noise levels, ensuring public safety e.g. traffic management, and ensuring the protection of children) to be valid, and also that the Park Management and Event Organisers have a Draft Management Plan in place (though not currently in the public domain, it is hoped these details would be shared no later than the next KPC Meeting), and that any such event – if granted permission – would be subject to a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) due to the scale, with that SAG to include the District Council’s Licensing Dept, Environmental Protection, Thames Valley Police, etc.

The deadline for comments is 31st December, with the Application reference at CDC being 19/PRM1663/LAPRE1, and can be viewed at:

While the application is open for consultation it is not possible for the public to submit comments via the website – these should be emailed to the Department at citing the application number, 19/PRM1663/LAPRE1, or just “Kirtlington Park festival” in the subject line.  Please note that the submission of an “objection” is a means of expressing any concerns, to ensure there are robust plans in place and that all aspects are thoroughly examined – not a device to stop such an application – which would then pass to a CDC Committee hearing, for that purpose. If no (valid) concerns are received before the deadline, the Licence must be automatically granted, per due process.

The Parish Council will update on any further information received, however any member of the public is  entitled to phone (01295 753744) or email the Licensing Dept with questions regarding information on location, scale, approximate date etc.

Lessons and Carols, St Mary Magdalene’s. 9th Dec 7pm

read by students of
The Marlborough C of E School

carols performed by
The Marlborough School Choir

Monday December 9th 2019 7pm

St Mary Magdalene’s

Park Street

Woodstock, England, OX20 1UG

Sustainable Kirtlington Events

presents, at 7.30 on 5th December at the Village Hall

The Circular Economy: what is it? How does it work? And how do I get involved?

A talk by Robert Spencer, Head of Sustainable Development at AECOM and Member of Sustainable Kirtlington.

7.30pm, Thursday 5th December

Hazel Room, Kirtlington Village Hall

Prime Energy hotxbun workout

Good Friday 19th April

Click here for more details

Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan – REFERENDUM. Thursday 21st March

Please vote in the REFERENDUM on the Adoption of the Plan. You can make a difference to our community.

Thursday 21st March, Kirtlington Village Hall,

7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Notice of Referendum link is here

Voting on the Referendum will take place in the same way as any other local election.  Registered voters should receive their poll cards with the usual details this week.   The process is run by Cherwell District Council’s Democratic and Elections Team.

Cherwell District Council’s Neighbourhood Plan Referendum page can be seen here

The Plan documents can be seen here and there is a bound copy in the Village Shop.

Thames Water A4095 Oxford Road Closure on 29th Oct for Two Weeks

Sewer Repair by Hatch Way:  Oxford Road Closure w/c 29th October:  The Parish Council understands that Thames Water and OCC Highways are liaising closely with regard to the road closure arrangements and diversion signs, and that access will be maintained for residents only; given the location it seems unlikely that drivers will be able to breach the Road Closure notice via Troy Lane and so it is hoped the level of difficulty experienced in the summer will be avoided.  However at present the OCC Highways Road Closure notice is not available so we are not able to confirm the arrangements.  It is hoped the work will be completed within the 2 week period but the Parish Council accepts that Thames Water have to allow sufficient time for repairs to be carried out safely.

Please see a copy for Thames water’s letter here for further information.

Kirtlington Parish Council

Community Fair 16 Sept 2pm -5pm 2018

Update on Thames Water sewer works opp Oxford Arms

Thames Water Residents Letter

The A4095 closed week commencing 9th July For Two Weeks

While acknowledging the frustration, delays and difficulties that the current closure of the A4095 has caused, the Parish Council would request that parishioners in particular be respectful of the residents of Troy Lane and refrain from using this route as means of circumventing the road closure – it is simply not suitable for the resultant two-way traffic that is inevitable when through-traffic that has ignored the multiple road closure signs sees residents transiting Troy Lane, and potentially could result in injury to pedestrians, damage to property and further congestion. The road closure is in force for all traffic using the A4095, and does not exempt parishioners on the basis of residency in the general village area;

The Temporary Traffic Order TTRO ref. T5788 specifies:

‘Access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles and for frontages within the closed section of road’ – i.e. those properties within Troy lane, only.

The current situation is far from satisfactory, however it should be remembered that this is a temporary situation and necessary to finally rectify the sewerage problems that have plagued areas of the village for many years – this in itself has taken a considerable amount of work before Thames Water would take responsibility for, and action on.

The Parish council has been in contact with both Thames Water and OCC Highways throughout the period leading up to these works, to request that the issue of Troy Lane through traffic be satisfactorily dealt with, and had been advised full closure was not possible due emergency service access – likewise ‘access only’ signage was advised as unsuitable, as encouraging the behaviour we have already seen.

Yesterday evening, the Oxfordshire County Councillor with responsibility for this Parish Council area – who has already been incredibly supporting of and instrumental in both the repairs to Church Lane, and the implementation of more effective Road Closure signage put in place during today – attended the monthly KPC meeting and has witnessed the issues first-hand. She will be following this up tomorrow to request that the OCC Highways lead make an urgent site visit to review the measures in place and / or required to best manage this situation, as it is acknowledged that the diversions are not marked clearly enough and measures to control Troy Lane access not sufficient.

Please be mindful that those drivers of through-traffic that have ignored signage to get as far as the closed section will inevitably follow local traffic if seen entering Troy Lane – please do not give them reason to follow.

While this remains a matter fully under the control and responsibility of OCC’s Highways Dept., the Parish Council will continue to liaise as effectively as possible – parishioners may of course contact OCC Highways direct via or Tel: 0345 310 11 11 quoting the TTRO reference above.

Thank you again for your patience during this period.

D.M. Richardson, KPC Chair

Kirtlington Polo Club – 2nd June

Saturday, 2nd June – Rupert Thorneloe Memorial Polo Match supported by the Royal British Legion. Everyone welcome, gates open 12.30. Reserve your pitch side picnic/car spot for £15 by emailing or pay on the day.

Village Hall Management Committee AGM 21st May 2018

The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Management Committee will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 21st May 2018 at 7.00pm.

The present elected Village representatives, Jo Richardson, Chair, Paula Harvey, Treasurer, Jacqui Hogan, Secretary and Celia Hawkesworth, Independent, are offering themselves again for election.

Any person, who would like to stand for election, should send their name, with the names of their Proposer and Seconder, to the Secretary, to reach no later than 19th May 2018. After this date nobody will be considered. If more than four people are put up for election then an election for all four places on the Committee will take place.

If anyone would like to raise any point for inclusion in the Agenda for the Meeting, would they please send a note of it to the Secretary at South Green House, South Green, Kirtlington, (email to be received before 16th May 2018.

19th April 2018