Kirtlington Park festival License Application. Comments deadline 31st Dec

The Parish Council has been notified by Cherwell District Council’s Licensing Department, via our representing Councillor at CDC, of an application made by Kirtlington Park to hold a major public event on the grounds next summer. While the Parish Council had not been contacted prior to the date of application (and publishing in Bicester Advertiser), we have since reached out to the Park Management and pending an opportunity to meet, have invited them to outline their proposals at the next Parish Council Meeting on the 14th January 2020 (which is of course open to public attendance).  From the information we have received so far, this is proposed to be a major festival, primarily culturally-centred on socio-political and economic debate but with an element of live music,  of a similar scale to events held in Charlbury (Wilderness) and Great Tew (Cornbury) with the associated considerations, with the Licensing Dept. advising that the proposal is for a large festival including music and drama, and the sale of alcohol to take place over a Friday to Monday in the summer with up to 15,000 people anticipated over that 4-day period (i.e. not 15,000 each day), and intended to be repeated annually over the next 5 years. The proposed location covers a large part of the Kirtlington Park estate, and there will be provision for camping.

There are arguably many points for and against such an event to be held in Kirtlington and as the Parish Council would prefer to give proper consideration to any proposals of this scale, taking into account local views although we understand the village as a whole is largely unaware of the proposals, we feel it is important to advise parishioners of the means of – and deadline for – making comments on the application to the District Council, should anyone wish to.

It is important to note that any comment (concern or objection) raised to CDC must relate to the Licensing Objectives (such as the prevention of public nuisance such as noise levels, ensuring public safety e.g. traffic management, and ensuring the protection of children) to be valid, and also that the Park Management and Event Organisers have a Draft Management Plan in place (though not currently in the public domain, it is hoped these details would be shared no later than the next KPC Meeting), and that any such event – if granted permission – would be subject to a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) due to the scale, with that SAG to include the District Council’s Licensing Dept, Environmental Protection, Thames Valley Police, etc.

The deadline for comments is 31st December, with the Application reference at CDC being 19/PRM1663/LAPRE1, and can be viewed at:

While the application is open for consultation it is not possible for the public to submit comments via the website – these should be emailed to the Department at citing the application number, 19/PRM1663/LAPRE1, or just “Kirtlington Park festival” in the subject line.  Please note that the submission of an “objection” is a means of expressing any concerns, to ensure there are robust plans in place and that all aspects are thoroughly examined – not a device to stop such an application – which would then pass to a CDC Committee hearing, for that purpose. If no (valid) concerns are received before the deadline, the Licence must be automatically granted, per due process.

The Parish Council will update on any further information received, however any member of the public is  entitled to phone (01295 753744) or email the Licensing Dept with questions regarding information on location, scale, approximate date etc.

GREAT WOLF RESORTS PROPOSAL, CHESTERTON – extended deadline for comments

Kirtlington Parish Council has objected to this proposal and asks you to submit your letters of objection NOW to Cherwell District Council .  Your letter must include your name, address & the date, the addressee ( Ms Clare Whitehead, Case Officer, Development Management, Cherwell District Council, Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury, OX15 4AA) and the Reference:  Great Lakes UK Ltd – Planning Application No: 19/02550/F.

–          Please see the attached Prompt Sheet for more details if you wish to write an individual letter, and two template letters which you may use instead.

–          The deadline for submitting comments has been extended until the Cherwell DC Planning Cttee date, currently 12th March 2020.

This link takes you to the application details on Cherwell District Council’s website –

Letter Templates;

To give an impression of size, the small building at the bottom (left of centre) is Bicester Country Club and Hotel
The size of this proposed development is vast


90% of those voting in the Referendum voted YES.

The average turnout across the neighbourhood plan area was 25%.
A total of 1,365 people voted, out of 5,514 eligible to vote.

As a result, the MCNP is now a part of
the statutory development plan for Cherwell.

Thank you to all those who voted and particularly those who helped make this happen.

Further details can be found here.

Oxford to Cambridge Expressway Announcement 12 Sept 18

Corridor B chosen for the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

A plan to link together fast-growing technology hotspots took a further step closer to fruition today (12 September 2018) as Roads Minister Jesse Norman announced the chosen central corridor for the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.

After detailed scrutiny and review by Highways England, of the 3 options A, B and C, Corridor B was judged to offer greater benefits to the region – outperforming the other options by providing better links to jobs, education, leisure and health services.

The expressway, with options to pass either west or east of Oxford, is also expected to take up to 40 minutes off the journey between the A34 south of Oxford and the M1.

Picture of the proposed corridor route.

Building the new link close to the east/west rail link will also offer more options for the commercial development of up to 1 million new homes, in line with proposals by the National Infrastructure Commission, and encourage more people to travel by train rather than by cars.