Dog Mess Update

Since our announcement in January via the Village News and Website regarding the dogs walked in this village, we are pleased that the feedback has been so positive.  Our campaign to try to stop irresponsible dog walkers from allowing their dogs to leave their messes around the Village is ongoing, not only as regards the pavements but also the footpaths, the open spaces, the quarry, other people’s front gardens and the verges by roads and bridleways, as well as the churchyard and the playing field.

It is worth repeating that dog poo bags are available free from the village shop (supplied by Cherwell District Council).  There are five poo bag bins in the village which are collected regularly by Cherwell District Council, and that Council advises that where there is no specific dog poo bin nearby such bags with their contents should be placed in your GREEN bin.

So there is no excuse for bags to be thrown up into trees, hung on farmers’ gates or left in verges.  Please do be considerate of others’ property   Of course, our village has no 24 -hour dog warden to police inconsiderate behaviour, day and night, but we rely on our villagers to act responsibly and we are grateful to community-minded villagers who take the trouble to talk to those who do not act responsibly.