Financial Reports

Kirtlington Parish Council (KPC) produces an end-of-year financial statement for the Annual Parish meeting which is held in April or May.  This shows the breakdown of expenditure and income.

The Annual Return is the formal accounting document for each financial year.  It has to be checked by an internal auditor then filed with a government appointed external auditor (the accountants BDO Stoy Hayward).  Parishioners have a right to inspect the Annual Return for a short period prescribed by the external auditor before it is filed.

Kirtlington Parish Council Assets

Annual Return to 31 Mar 2017 with Audit Certificate

Accounting statements to 31March2017 public rights  Annual Governance Statement and Statement of Accounts; public right to inspect associated documents, 29th June to 10th August 2017

2016 – 17 End of Year Fin Statement APM 24th May 2017 – as presented to the Annual Parish Meeting on 24th May 2017



Receipts payments 2015 – 16 FULL YEAR APM 31May2016      The Financial statement to year end 31st March 2016 as presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 31st May 2016.

KPC Receipts & Payments to 31March2013

KPC Receipts & Payments to 31Mar2012

KPC Annual Return to 31Mar2012   NB – this is a large 5mb downloadable pdf document.