Footpaths Society

Extract from the report of the October Walk

….Four of us had a great, sunny walk this morning along the canal from Enslow back into the village via Vicarage farm and Kelly’s farm. The butterflies (red admirals we think) were lovely, but we weren’t up to identifying the birdsongs we heard, and the only other wildlife we saw was dead – a bloated pike floating in the canal!…

As a Footpaths Society we have a dual purpose to enjoy the footpaths within and around the village and to help to keep those footpaths clear.    If you would like to join in, we aim to meet (weather permitting) on the third Wednesday of each month alternating with the third Thursday.  It is wise to make email contact first to learn of particular plans each month.

If you would like to join or if there is a public right of way near you which you think needs attention please contact The Footpaths Society.