Historical Society

The Kirtlington Historical Society, which was founded in 1994, meets on the fourth Thursday of each month from September until April (December excepted) to hear and discuss talks on a wide range of topics, including archaeology and literary and art history as well as themes relating to political and social history. The siege of Malta in the Second World War, satirical cartoons, the Mary Rose, and the authorship of Shakespeare’s works are among the topics covered in previous years. Although the Society is mainly concerned with general history, there have also been several talks on the history of Kirtlington from the time of Victoria onwards. Talks are not aimed at a specialist audience, and interest is more important than prior knowledge: the Society seeks to show that the study of history can be more fascinating than some people remember it to have been at school. The last meeting each session is a members’ evening: this has taken various forms, but on the last occasion members were invited to speak for five minutes each about a historical character who had taken their fancy. These Five Minute Favourites now look to become an annual fixture at the Members’ evening.

The Society attracts members from neighbouring villages as well as from Kirtlington, and in light of the current membership it has recently been renamed The Kirtlington and Bletchington Historical Society.

The programme for 2018/19 is as follows:

September 27th 2018: Dr Alex Middleton: An Imperial Nation? Victorian Britain and Images of Empire

October 25th 2018: Decca Warrington in conversation with Haydn Middleton: The Eleanor Crosses: England’s History in Miniature?

November 22nd 2018 : Roger Titford: English Football’s First Boom Period

December: Christmas Social (date to be confirmed)

January 24th 2019: David Kynaston: Britain in the 1950s: The Start of the Road to Brexit?

February 28th 2019: Pam Manix: What is the Long-Forgotten Secret behind Christchurch’s Dead Man’s Walk?

March 28th 2019: Dr David Butterfield: The Accidental Survival of the Book that Solves Your Life.

April 25th 2019:  AGM and Members’ Evening

We look forward to seeing you in the Village Hall: meetings will begin at 7.30pm. Bring your own bottle – we’ll provide the glasses.

Annual subscription £10. Visitors £3 per meeting.

All are very welcome.