Kirtlington 200 Club

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the idea of  a “200 Club “, and how it operates, let me give you some brief details.

It’s a very profitable way of fund-raising and at the same time giving participants (or share-holders) the opportunity of winning one of three cash prizes each month when a draw is held. Each share costs £12 per year and a signed share certificate is given to every member in respect of every share held.  Half of the proceeds of shares sold is paid out in Prize Money with the other 50% given to the Charity involved which in our case is the Church Refurbishment Fund.

I am very pleased to inform everyone that following the leaflet drop made to every house in the Village there has been such an increase in shares being purchased that the number held has gone up to 468. This is a record of course with the first prize now being £117.00.

To date £15,336.00 has been paid out in prize money and the equivalent amount been passed to the Church Restoration Fund.

Perhaps if you are wondering what to buy someone for Christmas….. then why not purchase a share for £12.00? An ideal present with the opportunity of winning a very welcome prize!

I would like to thank all those who have purchased shares thereby supporting the 200 Club but as ever I always have a supply of application forms at Garden Cottage (Tel 351537) or ask Jean at the Village Shop.




October 2016.


1st Share No. 023     Celia Hawkesworth of Kirtlington        £106.75

2nd Share No. 411      James Scott-Lee of Kirtlington              £64.05

3rd Share No. 033    Nora Giles of Kirtlington                        £42.70


November 2016.


1st Share No. 118   Graham Cherry of Kirtlington          £117.00

2nd Share No. 467     Ieuan Robinson of Kirtlington             £70.20

3rd Share No.  206   Ron Counter of Bicester                    £46.80




Many thanks

Tony Summerfield.