Kirtlington Care

Kirtlington Care commenced  on the 28th June 2008…..It was apparent that there were quite a few villagers who had difficulty finding transport to get them to Doctor, Hospital, Dentist appointments, etc and so the idea of Kirtlington Care was formed.

The idea being that if someone had an appointment at any of the above they would ring me with the details of the appointment date,time and place…who in turn would ring round a list of volunteer drivers from the Village to find someone who could do that particular journey. When this was found, the person would be contacted to let them know who would be transporting them and what time pickup would be.

If you feel you could be a Volunteer Driver…to give up your time to take someone to either Islip or Woodstock surgeries, or any of the Oxford Hospitals, I can assure you that it would be greatly appreciated by the person you would be taking and by myself.  I have a very good list of willing people to do this job and it does mean that by taking in turns your turn would not come around very often.

If however, you are in need of transport do please contact me on the details below and if I can help I will endeavour to do so.  As much notice as possible would be an advantage so a) I have plenty of time to find someone b) if I cannot help then maybe a change of appointment could be made. This is a completely voluntary service and the only payment you would be expected to make would be for any car park charges incurred at the hospitals. I have been in touch with Oxfordshire County Council to try to get some car park passes but so far this has not happened, but will keep trying.

Everyone who has used Kirtlington Care over the years has been so grateful and I can assure you it is a worthwhile job being able to help someone less able than oneself.

If you are interested in being a Volunteer Driver please do contact me ….Gill Summerfield…01869 351537 for more information. My email address is

Update: Car Park Passes have now been received from Oxfordshire Rural Community Council for The John Radcliffe,Churchill and Nuffield Hospitals.