Kirtlington Garden Club


Kirtlington Garden Club at the Village Fete in June 2015

Gardening club stall

There has been a garden club in the village for over 40 years. In the early 1970s a few people with a common interest met to talk and share knowledge and experience. By dint of the (aptly-named) bush-telegraph (or was it grape-vine?) attendance soon outgrew a member’s sitting-room and the club migrated to the village hall.

Speakers at meetings include professional gardeners, horticulturalists and botanists, with considerable overlap between the disciplines. In this area, we are fortunate to have access to some exceptional people with a vast range of knowledge and experience in both practice and theory. We have heard from the head gardener at Waddesdon House, members of Oxford Botanical Gardens’ science-trained staff, and people who run nurseries. Enumerating the topic list is definitely a ‘how-long-have-you-got?’ moment.

MONTHLY MEETINGS are held during the, relatively, quiet months for gardeners, from September to March, on every third Thursday at 7.30pm. During the winter, there are sometimes a couple of afternoon meetings starting at 2.30pm. Towards the end of April comes the annual plant sale, an opportunity to acquire good locally-grown plants to stock up your garden for the coming season. The proceeds support all the running costs of the club. The sale is well advertised around the village.

OUTINGS: In early summer there is a coach trip, open to non-members too. Recent destinations have been – David Austin Roses, The Hillier Gardens and The Laskett Gardens. Occasionally a visit is arranged on a less formal basis.

OFFICERS (2015-16)

Chairman – Alastair Mowat (350525): Treasurer – John Moody (350474): Secretary – Sally Finesilver (350731)

MEMBERSHIP FEE is £8.00 p.a. Showing the membership card at the checkout of Yarnton Nurseries will give a 10% discount on your horticultural purchases. There is an option for a one-off visit for non-members at £2.00 per person. If you are interested in joining or sampling a meeting, please come and join us.