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Kirtlington Parish Council (KPC) Introduction

(Welcome from the former Chairman, David Pratt): 

A warm welcome to our Village Website.  It is very exciting for us to have such an eye opening inventory of the varied interests that make up Kirtlington Village and its community and we trust you will enjoy browsing around. It is a not-for-profit Community Knowledge Centre, run and populated by our parishioners.

Similarly, the Village Councillors are locals who are not only interested in having some things remaining the same but, at the same time, who try not to allow things that the Village does do not want being foisted upon us by others.  Our other aims are to maintain the Village’s assets, encourage volunteers to upkeep the infrastructure, keep a check on planning matters, encourage Youth and Adult activities both indoors and outdoors, promote the Local Shop/Post Office, the Oxford Arms Pub, The Dashwood Hotel and Restaurant, the Village Hall and the Church, all of which we are very proud and extremely fortunate to still have thriving.

There are, of course, the mundane jobs that the Council has to keep running and which are unnecessary to state in this address but, for anybody interested, our monthly meetings are open to the Public to attend.

David Pratt (Parish Council Chairman until 8th May 2018)


Parish Council Elections May 2018:  An Uncontested Election was declared on 25th April and the re-elected Councillors took up office on 7th May.  The post-election vacancies (two, at 16th July) will be filled by co-option.  Key Council roles were voted on at the Annual General Meeting on 8th May; where necessary roles will be re-allocated later in the Council year as further members are co-opted.

Trudy Brock                          Co-opted, KPC meeting 10th July 2018
Kate Buckingham-Fry          (Re-elected May 2018)
Stuart Jenkins                      (Re-elected May 2018) Planning and Finance Sub-Committees, Play Area
David Richardson            (Re-elected May 2018) Chairman (also Finance Sub-Committee)

Parish Councillor resignation and Vacancy Notice

Richard Sadler (re-elected on 7th May) resigned from the Parish Council on 6th July.   Cherwell District Council has issued a vacancy notice:  Parish Council Vacancy Notice 10th July 2018

Non-Parish Council members of the Planning Sub-Committee:

Christine Marsh (Parish Council rep on the Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum), Paul Kurgo

Contact Kirtlington Parish Council (KPC):

Mrs Ruth Powles (Parish Clerk)
West House, South Green, Kirtlington, OX5 3HJ
(tel) 01869 350995

(working days:  Monday to Wednesday)

If you would like to email KPC please use this contact form form

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Parish Councillors who retired on 7th May 2018:

David Pratt
Helen Macbeth – continues to report to the Parish Council on public transport/footpath matters, continues as Parish Council rep on the Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum
Sam Tylor


The Parish Council meets normally on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.00 p.m. in the Hazel Room at the Village Hall (there are no meetings in August).

The Parish Council “year” begins at the May meeting, when the Chair and Vice Chair are elected and members undertake the other roles and responsibilities. In April or May each year the Parish Council convenes an Annual Parish Meeting in the Village Hall, which is a public meeting at which village groups and societies present their annual reports, and at which the Parish Council presents its end of year financial statement.

Parish Council meetings are open to all. Meetings are publicised the previous week on the parish notice boards; please check the start time.

Members of the public have no right to speak at Local Authority meetings without permission and there is no legal obligation to offer time for public participation.  However, the National Association of Local Councils recommends that public participation is invited at an early stage of a meeting, and recommends this is after approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting.

Therefore, if any member of the public is present, KPC’s Chairman may exercise his discretion to give an invitation to speak after the approval of the Minutes.  For practical reasons (meetings have much ground to cover), the time may be limited and there will be no later opportunity to speak again.

With regard to planning matters it should be noted that Parish Councils are not the determining authorities and comments should be addressed to the Local Planning Authority, i.e. Cherwell District Council (see below).

Legal structure and income:

Like all local government bodies the Parish Council is a statutory body which is elected every four years. Kirtlington Parish Council may have up to  seven members and the number of councillors is determined by Cherwell District Council and relates to the number of electors in a parish. Parish Councillors are unpaid whereas the Parish Clerk receives a salary. Parish Council income is called the Precept and is levied by Cherwell District Council directly from parishioners. The size of the Precept is roughly proportionate to the size of the parish.

Planning applications and decisions:

Planning applications are the matter which is generally of most concern to parishioners. The Parish Council has a right to be consulted on all applications, but is only able to submit comments: it has no executive powers in this regard. The body which is responsible for most local planning matters is Cherwell District Council. Some planning matters (e.g. schools) are decided by Oxfordshire County Council.

Data Protection – new legislation from May 2018

Parish Councils process personal data in order to carry out their duties and functions as Local Authorities.  You are entitled to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data by KPC.  However, if the storage of this data is necessary to provide you with a service or information, then if you withdraw your consent you will not receive that service or information.  Please refer to our Privacy Notice – Kirtlington Parish Council Privacy Notice 25May2018