The Kirtlington Plan

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The Kirtlington Plan was started at a meeting of the whole village organised by the Parish Council in February 2009. The Plan was formally launched at the Village Societies Fair in September 2011 and will be reviewed periodically.

The Kirtlington Plan is a unique record of local people’s views and priorities about life in Kirtlington and aspirations for the future. It was put together after eighteen months of consultation and meetings in the village.

The Plan has been well received by our local authorities:  Kevin Larner, Rural Development & Countryside Manager at Cherwell District Council said:

“…In terms of both content and visuals, I must say it is one of the best examples that I have seen. The number of actions already started demonstrates that the benefits of community-led planning begin well before publication.”

Next Steps!

Now it is over to you, the villagers of Kirtlington to put the Plan into practice. There are a number of ways to get started: take a look through the Plan and you will see that there are some 28 Actions dotted through it. Each of these needs an individual or group of villagers to get them under way. Some ideas have been going for a while now; some are brand new and need leadership and time to make them happen. Most of the Actions have a proposed timeline, so, if you see something that could or should be happening now have a crack at it!