Covid-19 – prohibition of public meetings from 24th March 2020: from April 2020 and until further notice the Parish Council will conduct meetings remotely by Zoom (connection details below):

Legislation permitting Local Councils (and other bodies) to conduct remote meetings, in force from 4th April 2020 – The National Association of Local Councils has issued a Legal Briefing note on the conduct of Local Council business:

NALC Legal Briefing L01-20-(Coronavirus)-(Flexibility-of-Local-Authority-and-Police-and-Crime-Panel-Meetings)-Regulations-2020

Full details of the legislation below – The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 – :

(PREVIOUS MEETING ARRANGEMENTS: Kirtlington Parish Council (KPC) meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.  or 7.30 p.m. (please check the monthly agenda) in the Hazel Room at the Village Hall, except August when there are no meetings).

You can download the minutes of previous meetings here.  A draft copy of the previous meeting’s minutes will be posted with the agenda for the next meeting; the approved minutes will be published after the following meeting, and will replace the draft copy.

Members of the public have no right to speak at Local Authority meetings without permission and there is no legal obligation to offer time for public participation.  However, the National Association of Local Councils recommends that public participation is invited at an early stage of a meeting, and recommends this is after approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting.

Therefore, if any member of the public is present, KPC’s Chairman may exercise his discretion to give an invitation to speak after the approval of the Minutes.  For practical reasons (meetings have much ground to cover), the time may be limited and there will be no later opportunity to speak again.

Kirtlington Parish Council Zoom Meeting

Time: Tuesday June 9, 2020 06:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 533 179 5949          Password: 078205

Meeting minutes and agendas available for download

Agenda 9 June 2020

KPC minutes 12th May 2020 draft

Agenda 12 May 2020

Planning report for KPC 12th May 2020

Finance report KPC 12th May 2020

KPC minutes 14th April 2020

Because of Covid-19 restrictions there will be no Annual Parish meeting this year.

Planning report for KPC 14th April 2020

Finance Report KPC 14th April 2020

The meeting scheduled for 24th March was cancelled.  

Agenda 24 March 2020

KPC minutes 18th February 2020

KPC minutes 14th January 2020

KPC minutes 10th December 2019

KPC minutes 12th November 2019

KPC minutes 8th October 2019

KPC minutes 10th September 2019

KPC minutes 9th July 2019

KPC minutes 11th June 2019

KPC minutes Annual Council Meeting 14th May 2019

Finance Report KPC (Annual Council mtg) 14th May 2019

There was no Parish Council meeting in April 2019

Minutes of Annual Parish Mtg 23rd May 2018 

Annual Parish Meeting (APM) – Tuesday 30th April 2019, 7 p.m., Village Hall:  this annual meeting is not a Parish Council meeting but is convened by the Parish Council and is open to all.  Traditionally village clubs and organisations present or submit reports on their activities over the past year.  APM minutes are approved at the APM the following year.  

Minutes 12th March 2019

KPC minutes 12th February 2019

KPC minutes 8th January 2019

KPC minutes 11th December 2018

KPC minutes 13th November 2018

KPC minutes 16th October 2018

KPC minutes 11th September 2018

KPC minutes 10th July 2018 draft

KPC minutes 12th June 2018

Annual Parish Meeting 23rd May 2018 Chair’s Report

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting 24th May 2017

KPC minutes Annual General Meeting 8th May 2018

KPC minutes 10th April 2018

KPC minutes 13th March 2018

KPC minutes 13th Feb 2018

KPC minutes 9th Jan 2018

KPC minutes 12th Dec 2017

KPC minutes 14th Nov 2017

KPC Minutes 10th October 2017

KPC Minutes 12th Sept 2017

KPC Minutes 11th July 2017

KPC Minutes 13th June 2017

KPC minutes 9th May 2017 (AGM)

KPC minutes 11th April 2017

KPC Minutes 14th March 2017

KPC minutes 14th February 2017

KPC minutes 10th January 2017

KPC minutes 13th Dec 2016

KPC minutes 8th Nov 2016




KPC minutes 14th June 2016

Planning & Finance report to KPC 14June2016

KPC minutes 10th May 2016

Planning and Finance report to KPC 10May2016

KPC minutes 12th April 2016

KPC minutes 8th March 2016

Planning & Finance Report KPC mtg 9Feb2016

KPC minutes 9th February 2016

KPC minutes 19th January 2016

KPC minutes 8th December 2015

KPC Minutes 10th November 2015

KPC Minutes 13 Oct 2015

KPC Minutes 8th September 2015

KPC Minutes 21st July 2015

Finance report June & July 2015

KPC Minutes 13 July 2015

KPC Minutes 9 June 2015

KPC Minutes Annual Gen Mtg 12 May 2015

KPC Minutes 14 April 2015

KPC Minutes 10 March 2015

KPC Minutes 3 Feb 2015

KPC Minutes 13 Jan 2015

KPC Minutes 9 Dec 2014

KPC Minutes 11 Nov 2014

KPC Minutes 14 Oct 2014

KPC Minutes 9 Sept 2014

KPC Minutes 22nd July 2014

KPC Minutes 8th July 2014

KPC Minutes 1 July 2014

KPC Minutes Annual Gen Mtg 10th June 2014

KPC Minutes 13 May 2014

KPC Minutes 8 April 2014

KPC Minutes 31 March 2014

KPC Minutes 11 March 2014

KPC Minutes 25 Feb 2014 wb

KPC Minutes 11 Feb 2014

KPC Minutes 14 Jan 2014

KPC Minutes 10 Dec 2013 wb

KPC Minutes 12 Nov 2013

KPC Minutes 8 Oct 2013

KPC Minutes 10 Sept 2013

KPC Minutes 9 July 2013

KPC Minutes 11 June 2013

KPC Minutes Annual Gen Mtg 14 May 2013 – the May meeting is the start of the Parish Council year and is correctly called the Annual General Meeting.

Chairman’s report APM 22 May 2013 – this is the end of year report (not a set of minutes) given by KPC Chairman David Pratt at the Annual Parish Meeting on 22nd May 2013.  The Annual Parish Meeting is a public forum, not a Parish Council meeting.

KPC Minutes 9 April 2013

KPC Minutes 12 March 2013

KPC Minutes 12 Feb 2013

KPC Minutes 8 Jan 2013

KPC Minutes 11 Dec 2012

KPC Minutes 13 Nov 2012

KPC Minutes 9 Oct 2012

KPC Minutes 11 Sept 2012

KPC Minutes 10 July 2012

KPC Minutes 12 June 2012

KPC Minutes Annual Gen Mtg 8 May 2012

KPC Minutes 10 April 2012

KPC Minutes 13 March 2012

KPC Minutes 14 Feb 2012

KPC Minutes 10 Jan 2012