Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for Oxfordshire has now been in operation for over 20 years with it’s Headquarters being in Banbury although the local Police cover Kirtlington from Kidlington Police Station.

There are a number of co-ordinators in the Village who receive information from Neighbourhood Watch Headquarters asking them to be aware of any particular concern such as suspicious activity in the vicinity. This information can then be passed onto other people “on their patch” when deemed necessary.

This of course can work in reverse as persons can contact Co-ordinators if they have information to pass on with regard to information. However reports can also be made by ringing 101 or myself, Tony Summerfield. ( Contact details below ).

The Police Officers from Kidlington looking after Kirtlington are PCSO Ian Wilkins and PCSO Lucy Henderson-Slater. They can be contacted by dialling 101 or by email to the Kidlington Neighbourhood Team which is . You can of course go online and report incidents via an online form.

For more information contact myself as Village Co-ordinator, Tony Summerfield of Garden Cottage. Tel 01869 351537

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