New Charges for long-stay at Water Eaton Park & Ride

The County Council is introducing new charges for parking at the Water Eaton park and ride and the Thornhill Park and Ride sites from 11th November 2013.  The charges are intended  for those who stay beyond 1 hour.  Kirtlington Parish Council raised objections to this proposal during consultation in 2012; however the Council decided that  increased charges  needed to be applied to pay for recent upgrades to the sites. The new charges are as follows:-

  • Parking for up to 1 hours – free
  • Parking for between 1 hour and 11 hours – £2
  • Parking for between 11 hours and 24 hours – £4
  • Parking for between 24 hours and 48 hours – £8
  • Parking for between 48 hours and 72 hours – £12

These charges will be waived for disabled Blue Badge holders, cycles and motorcycles. In addition, electric vehicles using the charging points will also not pay