The Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive, Village Hall, 20.03, 7.30pm

Find out more about these two new government initiatives:

The Green Deal: Loans to fund energy-saving upgrades repaid through regular energy bills.

The Renewable Heat Incentive: An incentive for homeowners to upgrade their heating systems to more sustainable and low energy alternatives. The subsidy takes the form of long-term payments, paying back the capital costs of the installation, and providing a healthy return on investment.

The technologies the RHI covers include air, water and ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers fuelled by wood chips or pellets, and solar hot water systems.

Sustainable Kirtlington’s recommended supplier of pv panels, EnergyMyWay, is well placed to advise and quote for many of the measures you might consider implementing under the Green Deal and RHI. EMW director Jason Hobbins is coming to Kirtlington to explain the schemes in more detail and answer questions.