The Village News Magazine

The first issue of the Village News appeared in January 1979. In those days it was a parish magazine for the three villages of Kirtlington, Weston-on-the-Green and Bletchingdon. As the populations grew and the production task became unmanageable, each village’s magazine became an independent operation.Looking through the archive, we see the first time our magazine was published under the name of Kirtlington Village News was Issue 66 for December 89 / January 90. In May 2012 Kirtlington Village News celebrated its 200th edition and continues to keep readers in touch with what is going on in the village.

The Village News is published six times a year and is a forum for all villagers.  Tell us your news and views. We’d love to hear from you.

Opinions or views expressed may not concur with those of the Editorial Team.

Editorial Team:  Jane Moore, Jan Shackleton, with Hilary McPhee.

Treasurer: Paul Clifford

Copy for the Village News should be sent in before the following deadlines:

January 18th for Feb/March Edition

March 18th for April/May Edition

May 18th for June/July Edition

July 18th for Aug/Sept Edition

September 18th for Oct/Nov Edition

November 18th for Dec/Jan Edition

We ask that your contributions, requests to advertise, or general enquiries should be submitted wherever possible by email to . They will be acknowledged as soon as possible.