Village Quiz

The 28th Annual Kirtlington Village Quiz took place on Friday February 24th 2017 at the Village Hall.

This year there was an entry of 32 teams (and indeed a reserve list waiting for any cancellations). As ever there was a very close battle for the trophies and the winners were “The Auld Alliance” captained by Helen Bradley with Jan and Dave Sprake and Andy Chick.. They scored 61 points. This was their just reward as this was their first win after 28 years of trying! It was a close battle for second place as both “The Kloppites captained by Caroline Rice and “No Eye Deer” led by Derek Hayes both scored 60 points. That was determined by a tie break question with “The Kloppites “ getting second place by giving the closest answer as to when the first Tesco store was opened. It was all very close as three points covered the first six teams. At the bottom of the scale were “Just Hatched” led by Shelley Rowley who scored 35 points and although suitably embarrassed by winning the Wooden Spoon promised to be back next year!.

The question master was Larry Blackwell whose wit and repartee ensured that the participants were kept on their toes throughout the evening. I should also like to thank David and Mary Varney for their expertise in their vital roles of scorers, Giles Haynes and son Douglas for maintaining their high standard in running the bar, Ann Mowat and her ladies for making such a wide array of sandwiches and Robert Brock, Alastair Mowat and Cerys Cherry for selling so profusely the raffle tickets.

This year the Quiz was generously sponsored by Brewer’s Paints and for this I am extremely grateful to Gary Croker.

I am pleased to report that the Church Roof Fund will benefit to the extent of £1585.24 which is £280 more than last year. The challenge therefore is to make next year’s event (which will be the 29th Annual Quiz) even more of a financial success and I look forward to that date which will be 23rd February 2018.

Tony Summerfield.

Score Sheet 2017